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Polperro and The Eden Project

We took a little weekend trip to the seaside! The kids always want to go to the beach so we thought we’d go to my old childhood holiday spot to see if it had changed. It was a bit of a last minute decision, and we didn’t regret it. As a child I used to love going to Great Yarmouth, we always stayed in a caravan by the beach. I was pleased to see that it had ha

We just returned from a fabulous relaxing week in Cornwall. With the whole COVID crisis, initially we weren’t sure if our holiday would go ahead but as the rules have relaxed a little, we were still able to go. I hope you managed to get away from it all too, it really helped us to just forget about the pandemic and enjoy ourselves for a little while!

We stayed in a spacious cottage in Polruan, it was a little aged, I felt like we had traveled back to 1975, but that all added to the charm of it. It was situated overlooking the sea, the views were just amazing and we were right on the coastal path, ideal for exploring the rugged coast. Here are a couple of photos of the view from the cottage. I’m new to camera filters so I spent quite a bit of time with camera on tripod in the garden trying to capture the sunsetting, it’s quite an art to craft but I’m working on it!

I would definitely recommend this part of the world if you are after the rugged coast of Cornwall, Polruan is quite remote but there is a ferry across to Fowey which is a little more ‘bustling’ with shops and restaurants. Along the coast line are a few picturesque beaches, they are quite a trek to get to (about a 30 minute hilly walk from the car park) but so worth the wait and we still managed it with a 3 and 4 year old, I think the excitement kept them going. We came across the waterfall above on Lansallos beach, so out came the tripod and filters to capture the silky water scene. Not a bad effort!


Below is the very picturesque village of Polperro, I would definitely recommend it if you are in that area, so pretty. We took a short boat ride from here along the coast, my youngest was a little nervous as it was a small boat and at times a little choppy, admittedly so was I.

We couldn’t leave Cornwall without a trip to The Eden Project and it didn’t disappoint, as a floral print designer in my last life (previous career), I’m really drawn to flowers, I can spend all day wandering around, photographing learning about them. One of my favourite areas was the Mediterranean biome, I felt like I was abroad for a minute with all the ceramic tiles and pretty cascading flowers. Here are a few photos I took in there……

For more information on the Eden Project:

To see more on Polruan: and this is a great resource for walks around Polrouan

And Polperro

Actually,  is a really lovely website for navigation and finding accommodation in Cornwall.

Well, back to reality, it was fun while it lasted, now back to work and ordering school uniforms…..

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