Cornwall Holiday Blues

Photographs From My Travels

We have recently returned from a trip to Cornwall and I have the dreaded holiday blues. I won’t bore you with all my photos apart from a few that caught my eye…..

These were taken in Padstow, St Ives & Lands End. It was early September, we had some lovely days for the time of year, although not all were scorchers. It was only when I uploaded them after the holiday that I remembered the true turquoise tones of the sea, soft pale blue sky and the fluffy cotton wool clouds. These are my Cornwall Holiday Blues.

Behind me was the hustle and bustle of a holiday town or a tourist attraction yet looking out to sea at the serene waters, the light ripple suggests a calm and peaceful moment. The many people that were there on those days all strived for that moment and we all got it despite the crowds. We love to sit by the sea, we love to hear the water splashing up the sides of a boat in the marina. It’s those moments we take away in our memories and they keep us going until the next vacation. Right, where’s my diary? When is my next holiday due?

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