Chicken Pox & Boogies!

A Photographers Post Production Secrets

It’s inevitable that the day of your photoshoot will be the day your child has a streaming nose or a big spot on their face. I’ve seen it all too often with my own children. My youngest, his nose is always streaming and our last family photoshoot at Christmas involved my daughter being covered in chicken pox. Luckily, with the help of my best friend Photoshop, I was able to remove all the offending spots. I’ve inserted some before and after examples below to demonstrate what I’m talking about. Sometimes the quickest and easiest way to remove our unwanted friends is to use the patch tool or the spot healing brush and it’s gone with the click of a mouse. A snotty nose is more involved as this covers the larger area above the top lip where you don’t want to lose the shadow indentation between he nose and mouth. For this I use Frequency Separation which allows me to clean up the area whilst retaining the texture and colour, but I won’t bore you with too much technical jargon. I’m simply illustrating that it’s not a worry when the unavoidable happens.

I also take the time using Photoshop to brighten, lighten, add contrast where needed, iron out backdrop creases, sharpen images and so forth, this is what gives your images that professional finish and worthy of pride of place in your home!

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