Northampton Children’s School Photos

Studio Photographer

This was a fun session with my children, it was another ‘school’ session although my son isn’t quite school age yet. There was lots of fooling around as there usually is with my two but they do make for great personality filled photos. When photographing children, it’s all about making them feel relaxed and confident so their personalities can shine through. I like to spend time to get to know the children and for them to feel comfortable around me, I find this helps a lot. Obviously I didn’t need to practice these techniques with my own children, it was more about trying to get them to sit still and calm down!!! I had to adopt the bribing techniques with my own children to get them to comply but I’m very happy with the resulting images. Scroll down to see the black and white versions of the photos.

To see another school session, take a look at my other sibling school photoshoot.

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