Halloween Face Painting

Fizz Pop Facepainting Northampton Photoshoot

This is the second website building photoshoot this year with Emma from Fizz Pop Facepainting. This time Emma wanted to promote her talents for Halloween parties for both children’s parties and adult corporate functions. Again, we rounded up some suitable models and spent the day painting and photographing. I was blown away by her talent for painting adult faces which we didn’t cover last time. My favourite was the Frida Kahlo inspired floral below, it was just exquisite. And the detail on the mens faces was so realistic, Emma wouldn’t be out of place working on a Hollywood film set and I’m not exaggerating!! I also feature at the bottom of the gallery with my other half, it was actually really relaxing having my face painted, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you would like to book Emma, follow this link to her website: https://www.fizzpopfaces.co.uk/

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