newborn girl photoshoot

Newborn Girl In Home Session

Northampton Baby Photographer

This newborn girl in home session was an absolute dream. The photographs from a newborn session usually consist of a sleepy, relaxed newborn. They are very calm and serene. But it’s not always like that behind the scenes. There are tears and wakefulness which is natural, that’s how babies operate. They sleep, cry, feed and repeat! So of course this continues throughout the session. This is why newborn sessions take longer than other sessions. Newborns need to be tended to and often! But this session was very different.

This is Florence, she was a dream. Her  mum was worried about the session because Florence had been awake and crying all morning, she was cluster feeding – oh no! How were we going to get any of those sleepy photos when she is clinging to mamma for milk 24/7?! I arrived for her newborn in home session at the house and set up. Florence had just fallen asleep, she must have been tired from her busy and very hungry morning. We didn’t think she would sleep for long but oh my she slept….and slept……and slept!!! Wowsers! It was amazing, she was perfect and she slept throughout, I really don’t think I saw her open her eyes once. And of course she does look perfect in the resulting images.

If you are interested in a newborn girl in home session session and are concerned about your baby being awake, please do not worry. I have a guide that I send to my clients to prepare you for the session so you know exactly what to expect. Usually it all goes according to plan and there is no need to worry but if baby is just too unsettled we can reschedule for another day.