newborn baby boy

Newborn Baby Boy Photoshoot

Daniel's Sleepy Baby Photos!

How adorable is this little newborn baby boy? I wonder is it’s something about this time of year? I’m having a run of very sleepy babies and I love it! Daniel slept right through his session. He was a tired baba and only 8 days new. Maybe it was the heat? Or maybe he was just in a milk ‘coma’ hehe.

We started out with the lovely soft baby blue blanket chosen by his mum, and it does look so precious. Then we moved on to the neutrals, scroll down to see those……

Natural & Neutral Photography

Really love these neutrals, which is your favourite? The blue or the neutral? I guess it doesn’t matter really because when you have a newborn photoshoot with me you can have both! Plus a few changes too. It depends on how settled your baby is. If your baby isn’t very settled and the smallest of movements wake them up then it’s probably wise to keep them in the same outfit. Plus, you have a more cohesive gallery in the end if you stick to one or 2 colours.

Newborn & Family Photos

This is one cute newborn baby boy hey?! Family photos are a must, as I always say to every family. You will want to look back on these in years to come and remember the whole family at this special time.

Daniel’s older brother Tommy was still very young himself, he was in awe of his little brother and very excited. Ultimately he fell asleep on the sofa and that was the perfect time to slide Daniel in next to him for those beautiful shots of them sleeping together. So cute.

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